Sugar Magnolia Wilson

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Mothers contain fertile silence. They emerge from shapeless gentleness into textured gentleness, and often mate with portions of this abstract materiality. Mothers search for mates by walking great distances or sometimes flying. The connection of fertile silence with abstract materiality takes a few minutes and may be accomplished in flight. Mothers are therianthrophic and have a lifespan of 100 days after which they dig their bodies down into wet soil or beds of algae and emerge hours later in familiar but untouchable forms. Once reborn, Mothers lay their realised gentleness onto the surface of a domestic water body or into the corner of a white room, and some simply drop them in flight, their inherent sensory faculties allowing them to measure where the wind will carry their young. Most eggs will be isolated. The surface of each egg has a crack which channels light out into the darkened world. This light may help to anchor the newborn to the empty room to which it arrives.

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