Emma Neale

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Slice of Life
Cast List: in Order of Appearance

Little Boy Dropping Homemade Cardboard Sword and Leaving it on
His Mother
Man in Suit #1
Man in Suit #2
Disparaging Teenage Girl in Pink Rabbit Ears
Worried Wife
Unwell Husband
Rushing Woman Kicking Aside Dropped Cardboard Sword
Evangelist Carrying Jesus is My Thrash Metal Sign, Preaching to
        Cardboard Sword
Insouciant, Tall and Hunched Over Toyota Driver Completely Ignoring
                                       Cardboard Sword
Drunk Adult Man in Smurf Costume #1 Confused by Cardboard
Drunk Adult Man in Smurf Costume #2 Explaining Cardboard Sword
Sober Adult Man Taking Smurf Costume Off
Young Woman Playing Jazz Sax on Skateboard Getting ‘Phat Air’
Cardboard Sword
Shy Dancer Waiting for Internet Date, Staring Anxiously at
                                                             Cardboard Sword
Harassed Father Striding Doggedly
Little Girl Really Struggling to Keep up with Harassed Father Finding
Cardboard Sword and Suddenly — Skippingly — Swashbuckling.

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