Alisha Tyson
Closet for Rent

Allan Drew

Anahera Gildea
from Our Girl

Anna Jackson
Poets know words, know routes, know ghosts.
Pasture and flock.

Annaleese Jochems
The pirate had eyes filled with jaguars,

Becca Joyce
The Fisherman

Ben Egerton
Excerpts from a Reading Journal, 2014

Bernard Coleman
from After Fiji

Brandy Scott

Carin Smeaton
Marie Curie

Chris Tse
The waiting game
Where you will—drink to this

Claire Orchard
You’d never think to look at him

Cliff Fell
Be the Pom
From an African Church: Victoria, The Cameroons
The True End of The Odyssey

Emma Neale
Slice of Life
Cast List: in Order of Appearance

To the Waiter Behind the Counter at the [Name Suppressed] Café
Natural Justice

Faith Wilson
Another Nafanua Poem

Fred Buijn
A Father to a Daughter
The Estuary
The Steel of your Bleeding

Freya Sadgrove
Poem About Both Of Us

Gina-Marie Aburn
Spider on the Wall
The Sound of Being Alone
Two Strangers

Hannah Mettner
Other Places

Helen Heath

Henry Cooke
Where I'm From

Ines Almeida
On Disquiet
Pudim Flan
Vanilla Cheesecake
A Chocolate Sandwich
Portuguese Custard Tarts
Everything Salad: A Beginning

James Ackhurst
Two Double Sonnets for Catherine Inspired by our Recent Trip to Various Sites Around Golden Bay with a Local Pakeha Guide

Johanna Aitchison
Miss Dust Tries Online Dating
Miss Dust Makes it to the Second Date
Miss Dust Dreams of Slim Green

Johanna Emeney
Ham Bag
Shared Lines
No No No

John Dennison
Lone Kauri (reprise)
There’s one straight out of the box

Juliet Allnatt
How It Was

Kerrin P. Sharpe
teeth can be heroes
the cataract brothers
pacific wave

Lee Posna

Lesley Wheeler
Sigh Like Twig the Wonder Kid
The End of Talk
Côte Sauvage

Louise Wallace
Christchurch, October 2012
All is lost

Luke Elworthy
Excerpt from the novel Arnold and Joe

Lynn Davidson
Islay, Aberdeen, Lothian, Brisbane, Pukerua Bay

Lynn Jenner

Maike Wetzel
Déjà vu

Marisa Cappetta
Guru Talks

Marty Smith
Happy New Year

Max L. Chapnick
Excerpts from a Reading Journal, 2014
An interview with Hinemoana Baker

Medb Charleton
Onemana Detail

Mikaela Nyman
Kava i kik

Morgan Bach
There’s a certain amount of you that needs to lie to yourself

Natasha Dennerstein
O, thyroid

Nina Powles

Rebecca Nash
Raised Nubs

Rupa Maitra

Ruth Corkill
from You Must be George

Tracey Schuyt
The Queen (1953)

Ursula Robinson-Shaw
Jonah and the Void