Amber McWilliams
A Sop for Cerberus

Anna Jackson
The photographer's hallway
The photographer's Olympics

Anna Jaquiery
A place by the sea

Avi Duckor-Jones
from Swim

Beth Rust

Bill Manhire
Some Things to Place in a Coffin

Brent Kininmont
The Christchurch Test
The Labours

Bryan Walpert

Catherine Vidler
The girl and the petals

Charmaine Thomson
Impromptu with sharks
Sad Clive

Chris Tse
Artist’s impression of the poet is not drawn to scale

Claire Orchard
Don't let me be misunderstood
Listening to Schubert's Piano Quintet 'Trout'

Deborah Potter
When David Meets Sophia

Elizabeth Russell
This House

Emma Hislop
from Two Strikes You’re Out

Frances Samuel
I see the hungry caterpillar

Frankie McMillan

Gay Buckingham
from Ruth Munro, Plainly

Hannah Mettner
The war got good ratings

Helena Wiśniewska Brow
Ali, first and second (Excerpt from a memoir)
Excerpt from a reading journal

Hinemoana Baker
magnet bay farm

Jennifer Compton
The Shock

Jessica Todd
Fresh Snow

Joan Fleming
Housesit in spring

John Summers
Boss Man

Jo McNeice
Red Tide
Another of my bloody love poems

Kate Kilkenny
Please dispose thoughtfully

Kerrin P. Sharpe
rabbit rabbit
the examination unremarkable
the morning of my mother’s funeral her cup is sober-minded

Kevin O'Donnell
Colin McCahon

Kirsten Le Harivel
Negotiating Space

Kirsten McDougall
from The Underground

Lee Posna
A Transept Rose and Five Long Lancet Windows

Linda Bennett
from The Man Who Kidnapped God

Linley Boniface
Excerpts from a Reading Journal, 2013

Lynley Edmeades

Mark O'Flynn
Tooth for a Tooth

Marty Smith
A mile here, a mile there

Mary Ruefle
Long White Cloud
The Good Fortune of Material Existence
Think Snow

Matt Bialostocki
from Tear Me to Shreds

MA Workshop 2003
The Permission Slip

Mercedes Webb-Pullman
Strawberry Fields

Michael Hall
New Doubtland

Nina Powles

Rachel Kerr
from The Frozen Woman
Excerpts from a Reading Journal, 2013

Raqi Syed
from Raise Ravens
Excerpts from a Reading Journal, 2013
An Interview with Carl Shuker

Rebecca Styles
Restoration Island

Rose Collins
Cape Evans Hut, Winter 1911

Sarah Jane Barnett
Clay Man
Entry Island

Sara Martin
Dear A— (an excerpt)
Song for a Limousine Ride

SL Foot

Sugar Magnolia Wilson
The Moon and My ‘House’: A review of Haruki Murakami’s novel, 1Q84

Trisha Hanifin
The Last Christmas Cake

Vivienne R. Smith
Excerpt 1 from: The Stone is a Riddle
Excerpt 2 from: The Stone is a Riddle

Zarah Butcher-McGunnigle
from Autobiography of a Marguerite