Andrew Nance

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(The Incident of the Galls)

from Endemic Gospels

I am altogether self-same, pithy
declination keys-in my affection:
here is thy choice & I am hereby
laid to face it: I have foraged, I have
tried to curb a Hibernian urge
to fight skepticism by drawing air
into body, to let it go on to another
without scantiest scent of affectation
remaining: I owned a stone
without much love, gave it a maiden
claim to all of my chaste comedy
yet even then I knew better: five
foot five & tailored to stasis, dying
made a chore of churning blood
through affection, winded breaks
of march, it began poorly seen &
ended hungry: piano tuners waking
out-of-key to debt, hollowing
a bodice of others’ air, I met them
years later, & spelled it again.

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