Zarah Butcher-McGunnigle

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Hand shadows

Move the hands slowly across the screen, then tip them suddenly forwards, as if the weasel had pounced upon some creature.

(some slowly as if then)

Nothing happens, nothing is happening. The not happening is the happening.
Bend both hands forwards to make the cockatoo bow. The thumb of the right hand, when quickly bent and straightened, makes the bird appear to be eating.

(both hands quickly to be eating)

(both nothing quickly to be eating)
Every persisting relationship is based on fear. Move the hands forwards quickly, and back again, as if the woodpecker were darting for an insect.

She lives in_____, where she collects mushrooms and misidentifies birds along the river.

(back fear darting the river)
What do you say after you say hello.

To make the horse gallop, raise and lower your hands, moving them forwards across the screen.

I always mention the worst complaint last, or hope that if I pay it little attention, it’ll go away. I look at my hands and they don’t seem connected to my body. I never initiate handshakes.

(look or gallop to say it)

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