Maggie Sturgess

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There are oranges on the trees,
and lemons on the ground.
A spoon in the sugar bowl,
a button on the cotton shirt.
There is a daisy in the white vase,
a rose in the red one.
Five coins in the chipped beige bowl,
and a smooth stone in my pocket.
Two pegs sitting on the line,
and a wicker basket on the lawn.
Ice cubes sweating in the lemonade,
blue curtains swaying in the wind.
There is a bellbird in the bush,
white keys on the piano.
Two green chairs on the veranda,
and a bucket of mussels soaking outside.
There are the white rimmed eyes of the dog,
the shriek of the neighbour’s baby.
There is rum hot on your breath,
and a swaying look in your eye.

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