Home Birth

A wide band of granular streaming sound
which contains no sudden onset
but emerges and is continuous.
It is dense and continuous
with occasional movement
but appears predominantly
to push.
A series of staccato gestures
which begin with a strong attack.
The terminations are sudden.
They initially fill the centre band
of spectral space
and are iterative in texture.
An emerging event two thirds of the way through
has a rising motion which gives way to
an explosive attacking sound.
Covers the full frame from root
(low thudding event)
to canopy
(floating bell echoes)
with the centre being occupied
by a wide band of white noise.
Interruptions of bee-like
animal sounds.
The falling tone is gradual
and dissipates
leaving distant echoes.
Suspense and
a sense of anticipation
of the next ‘clanging’ event.
A falling gesture
and simultaneous oscillating
create tension
and a leaning-forwards expectation
of a larger event.
Distant bells
create a sense of vast space.

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