Ian Wedde

from Good Business

Metalworx Engineering

It's as though Metalworx Engineering in Vivian Street
has always been there. Always, that ancient smell

of the mineral earth smelted, beaten and twisted
into mild-steel elbows, the gothic interior

flickering with acetylene and loud with iron bashing,
its ventilators paddling sunlight in

and metal dust out. The display-window samples
of metal-craft with lumpy welds have been there

forever and especially the rusting toy crane that's always
been for sale but will never

be sold. Can't ever be sold unless there's a buyer somewhere
who understands that the forever crane's lifting

the entire weight of the future, which will end
along with Metalworx Engineering

if the crane's ever taken from its alchemical window
and expected to be half as real in another place.

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